“Smoke-free School”

Workshop - Action to Prevent Smoking


A novel workshop on smoking prevention was organized on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, by the Ministry of Education and Culture, in cooperation with the University of Cyprus and EuroLife as the sponsor.

The workshop was held at the University of Cyprus and attended by principals, professors and students of Secondary General Education and Secondary Technical and Vocational Education, as well as representatives of the University of Cyprus, the Ministry of Health and EuroLife.

After a brief address by Dr. Louis Kyprianos, Director of Secondary Education, and Mrs. Artemis Pantelidou EuroLife General Manager, participants enjoyed a very interesting and creative presentation on the myths and truths surrounding smoking, as well as learn about “ACThealthy” –a successful program of the University of Cyprus for the successful cessation of smoking among young people.

Next, students took part in an interactive workshop by watching the innovative “FlexiQuit” online smoking cessation program, with assistance from representatives of the University of Cyprus. This was followed by discussions and presentations on smoking legislation and addictive substances in schools, the role of the school principal, as well as many other discussions and presentations that were found to be especially interesting by both young and old participants alike.

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s “Smoke-free School” program is an especially important pillar of EuroLife’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, which ensures that such sponsorships present our fellow citizens with the necessary tools and means they need for a better quality of life and health at all levels of healthy eating, exercise, and love for nature and the environment.

Because prevention is not a figure of speech. It’s a way of life!