Income Fund

Low Investment Risk

Key Information Document

Sustainability statement

 Who is it for?

If you are looking for satisfactory overall performance over a medium- to long-term investment horizon and wish to assume a relatively low investment risk, then the Income Fund is for you.
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 Investment Policy

Our established investment policy is about portfolio diversification and prudent risk management. More specifically, the fund has the following allocation:



Bonds, debt securities and other fixed income investments


Real estate


Domestic and Global equities and equity mutual funds


Cash and fixed-term deposits





  • Investment risk is minimized through extensive diversification in investment instruments of highly rated issuers.
  • As Fund Managers, we reserve the right to increase the Fund’s liquidity on a short-term basis and depending on market conditions.

Fund Details

  • Internal Fund Annual Management Fee: 0,90%
  • Start Date: 31/10/2002
  • Fund Manager: EuroLife Ltd
  • Investment Advisors: CISCO, UBS, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, PIMCO
 Investment Objectives

The Income Fund aims to offer stable and satisfactory growth over the short- to medium-term, by investing primarily in bonds, fixed and floating income products and investments providing long-term capital growth potential.

Asset Allocation 12/2021


Income Fund Returns

  • Until December 2021

    Overall performance: 3.17 %

    Average annual return: 1.56 %

  • Until December 2021

    Overall performance: 7.70 %

    Average annual return: 1.49 %

  • Until December 2021

    Overall performance: 29.55 %

    Average annual return: 2.62 %