Why do you needa health plan for your employees?

How a health insurance planfor your employees works?

Health Care Program

Basic characteristics

  • Created to meet the needs of every employee and their family following an illness or bodily injury due to an accident
  • Provides protection against economic loss
  • Pays expenses in case of hospitalization
  • Offers the option of outpatient coverage
  • Provides the ability to add benefits
Linking to investment funds
Main characteristics

Inpatient coverage - coverage for medical incidents requiring hospitalization

  • Global Coverage
  • Provides some outpatient benefits, such as preoperative screening, post-operative expenses and first treatment of an accident.
  • Provides additional benefits and bonuses such as birth allowance, ambulance transport and  daily allowance for free of charge treatment.
  • Offers travel medical assistance abroad
  • Medical call center

Outpatient coverage - coverage for medical emergencies that do not require hospitalization

  • Outpatient care, such as doctor’s fees, medicine, diagnostic tests, etc.
Number of members
  • Ability to choose any country for treatment without additional costs (including the US and Canada)
  • Ability to choose predefined annual coverage up to €2.000.000
  • Ability to choose predefined annual outpatient coverage up to €3.500
  • Ability to choose the hospital or clinic or doctor (no restrictions on hospital lists)
  • Hospital charges may also be paid by invoice
  • The basic part covers some outpatient benefits (such as preoperative screening, postoperative costs, and first accident care). This way, the annual limit of other outpatient benefits is not affected.
  • Medical advice is offered 24 hours a day through a medical call center
  • Travel medical assistance is offered abroad.
  • Includes the “hospital stay without care” benefit
  • No upper limit on the number of hospital days
  • Coverage is offered to dependent students in Cyprus and abroad, up to the age of 30

How can you receive assistance?

Contact the Group Insurance Sales and Service Department for more information or contact pensions@eurolife.bankofcyprus.com