Why do you needa pension plan for your employees?

How a pensionplan works?

Retirement Solutions

Basic characteristics


Smart Future

An integrated and effective retirement plan for employees

Plan characteristics
  • Flexible design
  • Flexible contributions
  • Flexibility in transferring from a different pension provider
  • Flexibility in investing
  • Flexible payment method upon retirement
  • Flexibility in the payment of benefits in case of withdrawal
  • Flexible facilities
Why you should trust EuroLife
  • A simple and complete solution that addresses the retirement needs of employees
  • Flexibility in defining and modifying plan characteristics according to the desires of employers and employees
  • Investment options to employees according to their investment horizon and risk profile
  • Cooperation with internationally renowned investment management firms
  • Expertise in investment management with proper diversification and attractive returns over time
  • Qualified personnel for the best possible service and support
  • Specialized support tools for better retirement planning and plan evolution forecast
  • Very competitive rates
Linking to investment funds
Tax incentives
  • Tax exemption on the employer’s contribution amount
  • Tax exemption on the employee’s contribution amount
  • Tax deductions on investments
Cost of plan
  • Plan set up fee
  • Monthly management and administration fee
Management and service
  • Specialized staff
  • Call center
  • Information
  • Specialized support tools

How can you receive assistance?

Contact the Group Insurance Sales and Service Department for more information or contact pensions@eurolife.bankofcyprus.com