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Basic features

Medica Plus
  • Covers needs in case of illness or bodily injury due to an accident
  • Protects the insured and their family from financial loss.
  • Pays expenses in case of hospitalization.
  • Offers some outpatient benefits and allowances.
  • Service "Second Medical Opinion"
  • Offers all benefits of the Medica health plan
  • Offers outpatient benefits, i.e. coverage for medical incidents not requiring hospitalization.
  • Service "Second Medical Opinion"
  • Offers insurance protection with a predetermined coverage amount if the insured is diagnosed with one of 42 covered serious illnesses.
Number of members
Main characteristics
  • Offers hospital care
  • Offers some outpatient benefits such as preoperative diagnostic tests and postoperative costs
  • Provides travel medical assistance abroad
  • A medical call center is available
  • Provides supplementary benefits and allowances (birth, serious illnesses)
  • Physician fees and medicines
  • Diagnostic tests, physiotherapy and homeopathy associated with a pathological cause
  • Psychiatric illnesses
  • Provides coverage starting from €10.000 and up to €100.000, and the payment of a lump sum upon diagnosis with one of 42 covered serious illnesses.
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Medica Plus

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Monthly premium

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