“Argonaftis” job training program grant for young scientists


The first call for participation in the Argonaftis program was in autumn 2010. A lot has taken place since then!

A total of 241 young graduates have applied to join Argonaftis. An annual increase of 67% in the number of applications has been recorded! Of those applying, 23 were selected following interviews by an independent scientific committee. More than half were employed at the end of the program, about 25% continued with postgraduate studies, while others have moved to create their own workspaces, thus realizing the principles of youth entrepreneurship, which is the central reference point of all modern professional experience programs.

Argonaftis members participate in research activities, travel abroad to network and learn (so far, 8 Argonaftis members have represented Cyprus in European forums), promote their own research interests by implementing specialized projects, and more.

Argonaftis is supported by more than 20 bodies of the public and private sector. In addition, more than 30 researchers/professionals are attending the bi-weekly Argonaftis series of seminars. The media and social networking sites promote the program’s activities. Every year the circle of supporters grows!

Argonaftis is already recognized by the labor market as an important element of work experience. It is no coincidence that it is the only private work experience action included in Cyprus’s national training actions. This is indicative of our country’s great need for opportunities that engage our youth. Our inactive human potential remains huge.