EuroLife together with cyclists in the “One Meter” campaign

EuroLife has joined forces with the Cyprus Cycling Federation, the national cycling organization, to support the “Ena Metro” campaign, which aims to establish a cycling culture. The campaign employs a creative film to encourage drivers and cyclists to keep the appropriate distance of “Ena Metro” (one meter).

President of the Cycling Federation, Mr. George Apostolou, said: "Both cyclists and drivers must act with respect and thoughtfulness. This is the only way to establish a culture and mindset that will lead to real conditions of safe coexistence in the streets of our island; it will help us see bicycles as a means of everyday transportation to and from work, theaters, supermarkets etc. It will also greatly improve the quality of our everyday lives, and the lives of our children. Of course, ongoing training, education and cycling infrastructure are essential nowadays; modern European states have an obligation to provide them to their citizens so that these citizens can adopt cycling as a basic life skill and as a new way of thinking."

EuroLife’s collaboration with the Cyprus Cycling Federation started in 2016 with a series of activities aimed at informing and building awareness about cycling; and by explaining the importance and impact of cycling on our health and wellbeing. Today, the effort continues by focusing on the establishment of a cycling and driving culture among citizens.

Activities fall under the EuroLife “Prolipsi” Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which supports activities and programs focusing on healthy eating, exercise, health and the environment.

Prevention is not a figure of speech. It's a way of life!



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