“Prevention”, EuroLife’s new corporate social responsibility program

Because prevention is not a figure of speech. It’s a way of life!

EuroLife unveiled its new corporate social responsibility program called “Prevention” during a press conference which took place on Monday, November 28, 2016 at the Company’s head office.

EuroLife’s “Prevention” is an innovative corporate social responsibility program which aims to educate the public and raise awareness. The program sets the conditions for better lifestyles by including healthy nutrition, fitness, and health and environment issues under a single strategic umbrella.

During the press conference, Ms. Artemis Pantelidou, EuroLife’s General Manager, presented the general actions and the program’s ultimate goal which is none other than to inform the public about the benefits of prevention, good life and health for children and adults. In her speech, Ms. Pantelidou noted that as a responsible life insurance company, Eurolife’s new strategic direction not only focuses on the successful implementation of programs and other related activities, but also aims to make these practices penetrate the company’s DNA. She said that this can be achieved by the voluntary active involvement of the company’s staff in various efforts revolving around prevention and wellness.

Speaking along the same lines, other conference participants presented their respective actions to media representatives. Specifically, Mr. Michael Ierides, Secretary General of Cymepa, provided information about the school program for the protection of forests titled “I am Teaching Children about Forests”, which is targeted at primary school children. Mr. George Apostolou, Chairman of the Cyprus Cycling Federation spoke about actions to raise awareness about cycling in our lives.

Similarly, Ms. Eliza Markidou, Clinical Dietitian and President of the “Bone Vivo” non-governmental organization, spoke about the benefits of proper nutrition and how nutrition can be an ally in maintaining good health. She presented the relevant actions that will take place at primary schools under the title “I Eat Healthy. I Grow up Well”. Finally, Mrs. Georgia Kouma, Head of the Coordinating Committee for Health Education and Citizen Status of the Ministry of Education and Culture, highlighted the preventive actions against smoking which are titled “Take a Breath”.

By creating this program, EuroLife once again proves that it is standing by its people, caring for them and taking actions that promote their welfare and safety at all levels.