Award Ceremony of the "Learning about Forests - LEAF" program


The award ceremony of the “Learning about Forests - LEAF” program took place at Iamatiki Primary School in Limassol on Friday, June 15, 2018.

During the ceremony, awards were presented to schools and children that engaged in environmental activities, particularly on forest-related matters through the Analytical Program of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development. The program is part of the “Learning about Forests - LEAF” global program.

During the 2017-2018 school year, there was a competition to build a table game that focused on forests. The first prize was awarded to the 6th grade of Iamatiki Primary School. The prize will be reproducing and distributing the game, courtesy of EuroLife.

As Dr. Androula Othonos-Zachariou, Primary Education inspector said: “By focusing on the forest theme and participating in the program, children managed to broaden their level of understanding and their knowledge of forests. Through various activities such as forest visits and tree planting, children have gained very strong experiences while acting within experiential learning; their contact with nature made them feel jubilant and enthusiastic, which will, in turn, lead to new attitudes, skills and values, and to the further development of their environmental awareness.”

Following the award part of the ceremony, attendees enjoyed a very interesting and creative presentation about the environment.

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is responsible for the “Learning about Forests - LEAF” program on a global level, and CYMEPA is the National Operator of all its programs. Training programs are carried out in cooperation with competent officials of the Ministry of Education and Culture and we would like to extend our warm appreciation to them. We also express our gratitude to teachers and children of all grades who are enthusiastically involved in the program.

The “Learning about Forests” program is an especially important pillar of EuroLife’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, which ensures that such sponsorships present our fellow citizens with the necessary tools and means they need for a better quality of life and health at all levels of healthy eating, exercise, and love for nature and the environment.

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