EuroLife’s “box of experiences” invites us to see life again!



The people of EuroLife believe we should take a breath, rediscover the moments that give us happiness, take a deeper look and see life again!

This is the symbolism of the smart, experiential initiative that took place on Sunday 25 November at The Mall of Cyprus. By employing a creative activity, EuroLife wanted to remind everyone of the importance of small, everyday moments that make us happy. Curious mall visitors were invited to explore its mysterious “box” which was full of surprises and gifts, and to see life again.

The insurance company staged an interactive game and promoted it at a busy section of the shopping mall. Those visitors who pressed a button on the “box of experiences” were presented with a number of unexpected questions: “When was the last time you shared your happiness with your best friend?”, “When was the last time you cried with laughter?”, “When was the last time you all spent the night together on the couch?”. In order to trigger a “disruption of inspiration”, EuroLife encouraged people to see the small moments of life again through small, everyday, but important activities.

Those participating in EuroLife’s initiative had the opportunity to win gifts tailored to their needs: for example to have fun by watching a movie, to share their experiences with their loved ones over a cup of coffee, and to enjoy a meal with their friends or family. EuroLife encourages us to take a breath, leave aside the things that trouble us in our everyday lives and to see life confidently from a different perspective –starting from the details that build happiness.

When was the last time you wished for something?