Kids Adventure Camp, powered by EuroLife: experiences of a lifetime!


As part of the “Prolipsi” (“Prevention”) Corporate Responsibility Program, EuroLife has adopted the strategic goal of promoting four pillars that focus on healthy eating, health, exercise and the environment. For this reason, this year it has embraced and actively supports the Kids Adventure Camp for children.

The Kids Adventure Camp, powered by EuroLife, took place for the sixth year with great success. 120 children from all over Cyprus participated in five camping events, and enjoyed an unforgettable life experience away from cities and inside the forest with Step One’s experienced professional team. The Kids Adventure Camp, powered by EuroLife, is a life experience for children; it boosts their self-confidence and encourages them to discover a new magical world they may not have known until now.

The children enjoyed exciting adventures and engaged in wonderful outdoor sports and other activities under the guidance of an experienced team.

The Kids Adventure Camp, powered by EuroLife, is an authentic camping experience since children sleep in tents. The camp is situated in a private enclosed area of the Adventure Mountain Park, deep inside the pine-clad nature of the magnificent Adelphi Forest. It has its own private sanitation facilities and offers a unique feeling and sense of safety for children. The Adventure Mountain Park is located just outside the village of Kyperounta in the Madari area of ​​the Troodos forest.

The children participated in many outdoor activities, since besides the regular program, the team always keeps adding new nature activities, year after year! This includes: building tents and setting up the camp, mountain hiking, rock climbing and abseiling, orientation in nature, swimming, mountain running, laser tagging, working out in the nature, night hiking, observation of constellations, art and so much more; the program is always full and this is what excites children. By trying out so many activities, children learn to love and appreciate nature – a love they maintain throughout their lives!


In addition to the above, the camp also focuses on nutrition. Children are given a healthy and balanced diet and meals are prepared like at home. The weekly menu is based on Cypriot cuisine and is designed in collaboration with an approved nutritionist.


The camp is organized by One Step Further, a company specializing in outdoor activities. It aims to bring people closer to nature and offer them unforgettable moments both in Cyprus and abroad. We will be waiting for you at the Kids Adventure Camp, powered by EuroLife, in 2020! Because, #allkidscan