Lifeneeds Calculator

Calculate your needs and make the right decisions


 EuroLife presents a new online tool that helps its customers calculate their insurance needs and offers them options that match the uniqueness of their lives


In the context of evolving the ways of protecting its customers from life’s difficulties and from the unexpected, EuroLife has developed a unique online tool that enables everyone to define their own future based on their current needs and desires.

 The Lifeneeds Calculator calculates insurance needs by using dozens of parameters to categorize each customer’s individual characteristics, and recommends solutions and indicative costs for each field, such as for children’s future or for retirement.

The new tool is available through the myeurolife portal, the online platform that allows policyholders to find answers to anything related to their policies and plans.

To use the Lifeneeds Calculator, one must register on the myeurolife portal, fill in their personal and financial information and then arrange a meeting with their insurance advisor.

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