The “One man. One bicycle. One purpose” campaign by EuroLife and the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society was held on October 14-16 and turned out to be a great success.


The campaign revolved around the effort of Petros, a former cancer patient, to cycle 500 kilometers with his bicycle in order to carry a message of hope to every corner of the island and support the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society’s “Arodaphnousa” Palliative Care Center.


EuroLife offered the amount of €5000 for this purpose.


On October 14, Petros started his journey from EuroLife’s head office. He managed to travel 500 kilometers in just 3 days, passing through several cities and villages of Cyprus. He completed the journey of Sunday, October 16, finishing at the “Arodaphnousa” Palliative Care Center.


The people of Cyprus supported this great effort by contributing to the Cyprus Anticancer Society’s money boxes that were available at several stops along the route, as well as by sending text messages and making donations over the Internet.


Overall, the campaign collected the sum of €8.500 which will support the “Arodaphnousa” Palliative Care Center and the great efforts of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society to continuously improve and upgrade its services.


As the grand sponsor, EuroLife praised Petros’ initiative and wished that his story be a source of inspiration for our suffering fellow humans who are fighting the same battle. Further, EuroLife stressed the great importance of prevention in our lives.