A successful interactive event for "Prevention"

Within the framework of  Corporate Social Responsibility program "Prevention", a day of action on nutrition, health, sports and environment took place on Saturday, May 13, at The Mall of Cyprus.

The ground floor of The Mall of Cyprus was formed creatively in a space of interaction, creation and information, where each pillar had its own activities, giving to public the opportunity to enjoy an integrated experience, taking part in various activities, bringing them closer to prevention.

The event was crowned with great success, as children and parents through various interactive activities met important pillars; about the Mediterranean diet and the acquisition of a healthy dietary behavior, the protection of the environment, the right  and safe way to use the bicycle, and to quit smoking.

The aim of EuroLife is to continue to carry out actions and activities, related to prevention on daily key issues, that can make our lives better. The programs presented are integrated into Primary and Secondary Schools and are being organised in collaboration with Cymepa, Bone Vivo, Cyprus University and Cyprus Cycling Federation.