“This is life” from EuroLife’s perspective


EuroLife, a leader in the life insurance sector, is always standing by its customers by adopting people-centered initiatives, either by offering solutions tailored to their personal needs, or through actions aimed at inspiring every one of us.

Always keeping people at the center of everything is does, the company is now reaching out to us to assist in everything we are living today and in everything still waiting for us down the road.

With the experience and perception of an organization that knows how to respond to challenges, EuroLife approaches life in an optimistic and realistic way, conveying to us the message that life will never cease to amaze us. This is why the company has launched a new radio and Internet campaign titled: “This is life” –to inspire us to see life in the same way that the Company itself sees its customers.

Through this campaign, the company is strengthening its relationship with the public, and is showing to us life again through a fresh perspective. With a strong sense of responsibility for life insurance, it urges us to move forward: to live all our moments with confidence –moments that are big or small, moments that we expect and moments that just happen to us. To feel confident looking at life, knowing that the company will be by our side. “Because we cannot always change everything that life brings; only the way we look at life from now on. Straight in the eyes".

EuroLife, which has so far earned the trust of 100.000 customers in Cyprus, is recognized as a reliable company in offering insurance solutions that meet our changing personal and business needs. Always loyal to its vision and mission, it continues to stand by each one of us individually, supporting everything we love for more than 30 years now.