We responsibly support our customers


At EuroLife, we ​​support our customers by taking action to relieve them from unnecessary stress and allow them to focus on what is most important, in overcoming the consequences of this great crisis.


1. We provide facilities to customers who due to financial difficulties are unable pay their premiums:

  • We allow Partial Redemptions for the payment of up to six monthly premiums with a maximum redemption amount of €5.000, without underwriting (conditions apply).
  • We allow policy reinstatement within one month from the cancelation date, without underwriting (conditions apply).

2. We have taken actions to offer remote service:

  • We allow the submission of specific policy amendments through the online myeurolife customer portal.
  • Under certain conditions and depending on the insured amount, no visit to a doctor is required as part of your pre-insurance check.
  • We have extended the maximum period allowed for the submission of claims from one month to three months.

 3. We provide additional facilities on how premiums and claims are paid:

Premium Payments:

  • Ability to pay premiums through JCCsmart, starting from 6/4/2020.
  • Ability to pay premiums directly by bank transfer/money order to the Company’s accounts.

Payment of Claims:

  • Fast and secure payment of claims by transfer to the customer’s account, instead of by cheque.


The above customer support measures have been exceptionally implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic.