“Lifestart” Savings plan Innovative “Lifestart” savings plan with insurance coverage gives you the opportunity to make a new beginning from only €20 per month.

Why Lifestart?

Aims to generate capital through systematic savings with a low initial premium, while offering insurance protection in the event of loss of life due to an accident.

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Performance Scenarios 

Additional Benefits

Investment options

Management of Investment Funds

Hands on - Choice in your hands

You actively manage allocation percentages in different investment funds –each fund with its own investment policy, risk profile and performance.

How “Hands-on” approach works
  • You select one or more investment funds according to your level of investment risk.
  • You specify allocation percentages in your selected investment funds.
  • You may choose to change your allocation percentages anytime.
Asset Allocation
Not sure what to choose?

We give you the opportunity to discover your investment profile and find out more about the investment option that suits you best.

Hands off - The "Lifestyle" choice

Automatic assignment of your allocation percentages in investment funds. This choice adapts to your own risk-return profile as well as to the number of years remaining until your retirement.

How “Hands-off” approach works
  • You pick one of the three “lifestyle” options –low risk, medium risk, or high risk.
  • Depending on your selection, allocation percentages in investment funds are automatically selected.

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