4 things you will see for the first time in an insurance company


EuroLife’s Brand & Communication Manager, Chryso Poulikka, welcomes us to the new EuroLife Customer Center.


This could be the headquarters of a high-tech company or the offices of a London or New York-based organization. What is certain, however, is that insurance companies have not gotten us used to such a reception area. EuroLife’s new customer service offices feature modern international trends and a completely new approach to insurance industry service in Cyprus.


Several Nicosia-based EuroLife insurance advisors have recently moved to their new offices which exude modernity, strength and, of course, a feeling of security. These offices are the material footprint of the new commercial strategy which features an experiential approach and the central message “See life again” at its core. Here is what you will see there and which you have never seen before in an insurance company:

 Hospitality areas

Unique and functional hospitality areas with customer rooms and a cafeteria that create an authentic customer experience. By enjoying the best possible surroundings and an attractive environment, EuroLife customers can work together with their advisors to jointly design solutions that will unleash their potential.

 Kids’ corner

This area was designed to offer our young friends a space for creative work. This way, our customers can visit the Customer Center with their children.

 Digital transformation

EuroLife’s comprehensive strategic development plan places emphasis on new technology. Implementation started in 201 with millions of euros spent on digital transformation and the implementation of new ways of doing business.

 Appropriately trained people

EuroLife is working with leading insurance advisors. This is because the company has developed a continuous training plan that helps its people develop the best of their skills and abilities so that they can offer solutions that are unique and customized for each client.


You are welcome to visit EuroLife’s Customer Center at 3, Makrasyka Street, Strovolos. Company staff will be delighted to answer all your questions.