EuroLife invests in the Insurance Advisor profession


Avraam Pekris, Sales Manager


How different is the insurance advisor profession today compared to the past, and what will the assistant advisor of the future do compared to the present?

The insurance advisor profession is directly affected by the changes currently taking place in almost all sectors of the economy.


Technological progress drastically changes insurance and creates both challenges and opportunities for further development. Consumer habits, the needs and desires of informed citizens, and the challenges presented by the digital age, are changing what the public wants from us. Advisors should not see technology as a problem, by instead use technology as an ally by integrating it into their daily work and taking advantage of our continuous support.


At the same time, there are new European laws on solvency, transparency and distribution. All these changes create the need to continuously train EuroLife’s staff and develop the company's sales networks.


Under these circumstances, today’s insurance advisors need to improve, evolve, and invest in interpersonal relationships. At EuroLife, we say that advisors must be for life: they must be ready to see developments and lead, take changes in their own hands, inform, educate and familiarize their clients with the new, complex world.


What qualifications does an insurance advisor need to have in order to be selected by EuroLife?

Being an insurance advisor is not just about the title. This is why individuals need to be perfectly trained and constantly updated. Empathy, understanding and the ability to communicate are necessary skills both for finding customers and for providing them with ongoing service.


At the same time, the ideal insurance advisor must be adaptive, able to work on his or her own, but also as part of a group; and be able to manage their time effectively. Certainly, finding solutions is crucial for life advisors –this is what the customer wants.


At EuroLife, education is at the heart of our philosophy. We are therefore very happy when we see that our advisors are looking for methods of self-improvement, and are open to new ideas and new ways of working. Of course, their “toolbox” needs to include the ability to use technology applications and social networks.


All of this must certainly be combined with a positive spirit. EuroLife puts emphasis on positivity, social skills –including being a good listener–, patience, perseverance, and genuine interest in your fellow human being. We are looking for people with passion and high goals to reach high.


Why should an insurance advisor select EuroLife? How does the company help him or her to not just do a good job but to build a successful career?

At EuroLife we ​​already have over 240 advisors and we want what’s best for them. Insurance advisor strength is based on training, and on being able to use our professional tools to offer the best solution to clients in a professional meeting space.


The first customer office we have opened in Nicosia already features a unique customer and work experience with comfortable and modern workspaces, secretarial support and modern technological infrastructure that helps advisors develop as professionals while offering a good and unique experience to customers.


At the same time, we are constantly on our advisors’ side and look after their development. We provide them with all the necessary tools to succeed in their career. Through our EuroLife Academy, our advisors can learn about basic insurance principles and specialized sales techniques. We offer training seminars in different sectors of the insurance industry, as well as training courses revolving around new products and tools.


How does EuroLife use new tools and what different do its insurance advisors offer compared to the competition?

We invest in technology and the development of digital tools that are integrated into the advisors’ day-to-day business activity. Customer service becomes easier and reaching goals becomes more feasible, since advisors are backed by a number of specialized applications that are created specifically for them and their colleagues.


The Agents Portal has been strengthened and allows insurance advisors to be updated daily on customers and sales and to communicate with the company 24 hours a day.


At the same time, we have created Lifeneeds, which helps advisors calculate customer coverage and provides indicative costs. This way, advisors can present customers with personalized plans that are tailored to their own unique needs.


As a leader, EuroLife is constantly evolving by offering choices that cannot be found elsewhere –for both professional advisors and the insured.


Do you intend to strengthen your affiliate network?

At EuroLife we ​​never rest. We are constantly seeking to work with the best. This is why we have announced a recruitment procedure for new insurance advisors. We are looking for partners with professionalism, passion, goals and aspirations that will further strengthen our efficient sales network.


Interested individuals may visit the EuroLife website to contact us and to find out more about how they too can join our insurance advisor network.