A healthy idea: smokeless schools


Flexiquit, a new program for preventing and addressing youth smoking, is being implemented in Cypriot schools following the enactment of a new law to completely ban smoking in school areas. The initiative is implemented by the University of Cyprus with EuroLife’s support.


New research has shown that a total smoking ban in school areas can be a decisive preventive measure against smoking among teenagers.


Similar data from international research has shown that a total ban on smoking in school areas has resulted in a reduction in smoking among teenagers. To illustrate, 80% of people who start smoking during adolescence will become regular smokers as adults. Prevention is therefore crucial. Positive results were reported when in addition to these bans, schools also offered educational programs with a focus on preventing and quitting smoking.


Following the University of Cyprus ACThealthy research (link), the Ministry of Education and Culture decided to act by introducing legislation that declares schools as smoke-free areas. Today, under the guidance of Maria Karekla, PhD, and EuroLife’s sponsorship, a relevant program preventing and addressing youth smoking, Flexiquit, is being implemented in Cypriot schools.


EuroLife supports this initiative under its “Prolipsi” (“Prevention”) Corporate Social Responsibility program.


For EuroLife, prevention is not a figure of speech. It’s a way of life!