income tax and insurance premiums

Enter your income and significant economic data and exemptions to calculate the annual tax your income and maximum amount of premiums deducted from your annual taxes.

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Taxable Income
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Tax payable before the proposed insurance
Proposed amount for annual insurance premium
Tax saving on the proposed annual insurance premium
Tax payable after the proposed insurance

The results provided by the Calculator based on your own statements, which are used to calculate your annual income tax and the maximum premium amount they may be allowed to deduct from your taxes. The EuroLife has taken all measures to ensure that the information provided by the PC is accurate and current. However, the results of the PC is based on the current (2023) Tax Law and Practice of Income Tax Department, which are subject to change. The results of the PC are not insurance, financial or legal advice and EuroLife not accept liability for any loss or damage that may arise as a consequence of the use of computer effects. Do not receive any significant financial-economic decisions without the advice of a special licensed advisor.