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Why should I keep my medica health program?

1. With your medica health program you can enjoy medical and hospital cover anywhere.

The medica health program provides you cover anywhere of up to €2.000.000, for hospitalization in Cyprus and abroad –even in the United States, Canada and Switzerland. With the medica health program you have unlimited options. You choose the hospital, doctor, and country of treatment you prefer to ensure the best possible cover.

2. You keep your insurability intact.

With the medica health program you can enjoy all the privileges of your choice. If you terminate your policy, even temporarily, you will lose all the privileges you had until today, the most important being your insurability and cover of preexisting medical conditions. For example, if you decide to reinstate your policy, your request will be assessed as a new application. If you had any health problems in the past or if health problems have surfaced since you terminated your insurance program, these will be deemed to be preexisting conditions and will no longer be covered. In some cases, you also run the risk of not being accepted for insurance coverage.

3. Complete cover with additional benefits.

Alongside the GHS, our medica health program offers you significant benefits, such as:

• 24-hour medical advice

• Second medical opinion service

• Travel medical assistance in the event of sudden illness or accident abroad

• Parental stay abroad

• Premium protection in case the policyowner suffers total disability.

If hospitalization is covered by the GHS, we cover the cost of upgrading you to a single room and additionally provide you with the daily allowance for cost-free treatment of €100 for Cyprus and €250 for abroad. This way, we make sure that you get the quality of service you prefer. Also, with the medica health program you receive the Critical Illness Benefit of €10.000 in case you are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses specified in the policy, regardless of the cost of hospitalization; and a Maternity Allowance of €1.000 for normal birth and €1.500 for a caesarean section.


Are there ways to reduce the cost so that I can keep my policy?

The medica health program is a flexible product, with options that can be tailored to your needs and financial capabilities.

Medica Basic: Full inpatient cover of up to €2.000.000.  Ability to set an Annual Claims Excess Amount between €500 and €20.000, with a reduction in your premium between 15% and 55%.

Medica Comfort: Full inpatient cover of up to €2.000.000, plus certain outpatient benefits that are provided as two options: full or zero cover for doctor's visits, with a significant reduction in your premium.

Medica Plus: Full inpatient cover of up to €2.000.000, plus outpatient benefits of up to €4.000. There are three options for medica plus: from full to zero cover for your doctor’s visits, with a significant reduction in your premium.

 Calculate your monthly health premium on the EuroLife website.


How does the “Annual Claims Excess Amount” work?

Each year, your claims are covered for up to €2.000.000 by the medica health program, provided that these exceed the “Annual Claims Excess Amount”. By selecting an Annual Claims Excess Amount, you significantly reduce the cost of your premium and can thus maintain your policy. At the same time, in serious health cases, you can undertake the treatment you prefer without worrying about the cost.

Covered claims for the following benefits are paid regardless of the Annual Claims Excess Amount:

•                Maternity Allowance

•                Critical Illness Allowance

•                Daily Allowance for each day of hospitalisation

•                Premium Protection

Annual Claims Excess Amount for hospitalization abroad:

Under Eurolife’s medica health program, Annual Claims Excess Amounts up to €2.000 will not apply if hospitalization takes place abroad.  Annual Claims Excess Amounts above €2.000 will be reduced by 50%.

Example: You select an Annual Claims Excess Amount of €5.000.

In case of a covered €100.000 claim in Cyprus, you will pay only €5.000 whilst the remaining €95.000 will be covered by the medica health program.

In case of hospitalization abroad, you will cover only €2.500 whilst the remaining €97.500 will be covered by the medica health program.


Terms and conditions apply with regard to the cover provided by the Program.


Our aim is for you to enjoy quality medical care with the options you would like, but without being overburdened when it comes to your contribution to your care.

Let’s talk so we can offer you solutions based on your own personal needs. 

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